About four years ago, I went to see a new doctor on the referral of a friend. “He can help you, I know he can,” was her earnest testimony of a man who evidently had a knack for curtailing obesity. Reluctant as I was, I was unsatisfied with my doctor at the time who was much more keen on flirting with the geriatric girls than helping an overweight kid salvage some of his life.

This new doctor – we’ll call him Dr. Genius – seemed to be nice, but was relatively quiet and didn’t talk a whole lot. After the usual BP, pulse, temperature, deep breaths, etc. he took a seat opposite me, paused a second and said very convincingly,

“You’re overweight.”

Now, while I tend to be quite the smart alec around those with whom I’m very comfortable, I could not help but to blurt out, “Uh, did you go to Harvard for that?” The look on his face didn’t change, and I apologized quickly and went into a five minute diatribe about how my weight problem was evident and that the stress I’d been dealing with at the time had more or less pushed me over the edge. He was gracious and understanding and after the appointment, I determined that Dr. Genius was not the one for me.

His statement, though true and completely obvious, was also a wake-up call (one of many). Was this something I had actually accepted? Did I look in the mirror and see something other than the reality of a pudgy body that only fit into 52″ jeans and 3XL shirts? Was I in denial?

It would probably be easiest to answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions despite the fact that I really don’t know. What I do know is that Dr. Genius was right. I am overweight. I am fat. And as much as I absolutely loathe this word, I am obese.

More than anything, I am using this blog as a tool to hold me accountable. There is a lot to establish in terms of my past health history. I can only assume that after reading this introductory post (if, in fact, it will be read), that some will form various assumptions. That’s fine by me. My only request is that you continue to read what I have to say and get to know me, my body, and what “we’ve” been through over the past several years. If I can use this as a way to get myself healthy, then I’ll have been grateful for doing it.