Is this not one of many perennial questions on one’s journey through weight loss?  I have had suggestions all through my life that the best time to weight yourself is in the morning…and of course that makes a decent amount of sense to me, though I am curious to know how often people weigh themselves…

Daily? Weekly? Fortnightly?

I had been maintaining a decent exercise regimen from January until April, weighed in weekly and was happy to see that more often than not, the numbers were decreasing. Then we moved across town, and I have been slow to regain my momentum ever since. Right!  Like I could really afford to NOT exercise that long?!  So, now, I’m back at it and after a few days of good exercising and healthy eating, I hop on the scale and see that…I’ve…GAINED FIVE POUNDS?!? Wha..?

Needless to say, I put on a mini-freakshow in the bathroom.

So, I’m somewhat discouraged, yet encouraged at the same time…I guess in a way, it’s motivating me to work harder. Though the goal is now seemingly shifted from losing 115 pounds to 120. Fan-bloody-tastic…what a way to start off one of the biggest transformations in your life.  I just have to beat it and not let it beat me.

Have I acquired any readers yet?  What are your thoughts?