Question: Can a big, fat guy like me really have “run” 2.1 miles in 28 minutes??

I was slightly befuddled when I came home from my jog yesterday. I did the requisite time and the right walk/run patterns, but frankly, was astounded when I calculated my distance.  The two times I’ve participated in a race, they were on a 4.2 mile course and both of my times were over an hour. I was an inexperienced runner (and still am, obviously!), and I shot out of the gate with the rest of the people, and was severely winded by the first mile, which resulted in me walking most of the race, making me think that my slow time was due to me pouring all of my energy into the first leg.  Had, I paced myself and used the run/walk, maybe my time could have been under an hour.

But, you know, I was really happy about my time and distance.  It’s obviously not comparable to a seasoned runner who can finish a 5k in 15 or 16 minutes, and that’s just fine with me…it will be eons before I get there. But what people should realize here is that I am believing in this program, because before I had paced myself in any way, I was convinced that I would never be a runner.

Why do I love it all of a sudden?  Is it because I’m using my own two legs to get somewhere? Because I secretly love the way my lungs stretch and expand once I’m warmed up? Because of my wife and baby boy coming in August?  Well, it’s probably all of these things.

I’ve been tempted to just do more, but I know that would be a mistake.  So far, the past few days have been good and productive.  I don’t want to ruin this…I want to train correctly.  I have signed up for the three 5ks on my “Races” page, so I am ‘locked-in.’

I feel good.  I hope it stays this way for a while.