When I’m online, I’m usually pretty good about ignoring all of the ads I usually see, but since I’m on this kick to lose weight, I stumble upon this picture and text below it:

Read my story and learn how to lose those extra pounds too. It’s not too late.

So, of course out of curiosity, I think, hey, maybe another weight loss blog. I didn’t want to be fooled by the pictures, because 1) I’m not aiming for that kind of ‘perfection’ right now, and 2) advertisers will use images like that to lure people in. Guilty as charged.

Here’s the link to “Daniel’s” Weight Loss Blog. Oh!  And what do you know? Here’s “Laura’s” Weight Loss Blog! Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee…..

Lose weight with only moderate changes to your diet and this Ultimate Green Tea crap? Give me a break…come back to reality, and stop thinking we’re going to buy your faux story or your product. I wasn’t duped at all…after reading the first few sentences, it was clearly a poorly constructed (or I guess well-written, depending on how you see it) advertisement.

Can I get some help on calling this chump out?