Hope everyone had a splendid weekend.

Today started week two of my Couch-to-5k program. It was a good workout…a bit longer and further, but I must admit that I still have some doubts to my ability. When I “ran” on Saturday evening, I did 1.75 miles and my pace was nearly 16:00. However, this morning, I went 2.25 miles and had a pace of 15:09. Am I getting delusional or am I just slowly improving? Anyway, I also realized that I probably should invest in a decent heart rate monitor and watch to help me with timing and to optimize these workouts. Any suggestions for a good buy?

So, lately I’ve been reading snippet’s of Galloway’s Book on Running. I have found it to be helpful for the most part, though there’s some antiquated stuff in there that should probably be updated (I don’t know…I’m reading the 2nd edition – is there a newer one?) Thanks to Andrew and all the nifty online tools he uses, I doubt I’ll ever necessitate a handwritten runner’s log. All that aside, I was surprised to read that Jeff Galloway does not do the somewhat ritualistic “loading up of the carbs” the night before a race. In fact, he said that it might be best to eat nothing. Is he serious?

I know he’s Mr. All-American Runner, and obviously I value his advice (else why pay $14.95 for the book), but I can’t, for the life of me, fathom not having some sort of fuel to burn off. The race I did with my family in April, we definitely ‘carbed’ it up the night before. Whether or not it made or broke the race for me, I don’t know, but I do want to know what others think

  1. What should one be eating before a race?
  2. What should one be eating before a regular workout?
  3. When and how much should be eaten?

The past two weeks I’ve eaten a little energy ‘cube’ with who knows what mixed with pistachios from a local store and a couple of pieces of dried fruit to give me a little boost before I start. It seems to be somewhat effective, despite the taste of the cube.

Bear in mind, I am a large man…I am almost 6’3″ and am pushing 365…maybe I’m nuts, but it just seems slightly asinine for someone of my stature to ever run on an empty stomach.

Can anyone give me their take on it?