MizFit, pinkcowgirl, Andrew, and Elle — you guys are amazing commentators.  Thanks so much for all you said in my last post.  Folks like you make this blogging-for-health gig worth it!

So, a few things to follow-up from yesterday…

I am slowly realizing that Jeff Galloway is not the only supreme being of the running world.  I do like a lot of what he says, but I don’t think that some of it is meant for a lard-jogger akin to myself (yes, I really did just write ‘lard-jogger’). No doubt, he definitely seems to be more than adequate for highly competetive runners, but he might not be for me. Though, since I don’t live that far from Atlanta, maybe I can track him down one of these days and ask him some questions (unlikely, but a thought no less). I had heard of Hal Higdon before, but not of John Bingham (thanks for that, pinkcowgirl).  I’ll definitely have to read more of what they say.

MizFit probably hit the nail on the head with me when she said it is probably best to do what works for me in terms of ‘fueling-up’ or carbo-loading before a race or intense workout. Thinking over all of your comments, I have probably reached the point to where I would definitely want to improve the things I eat before the workout or race at hand, and as you all seemed to infer, perhaps eat in relation to the length of the race…that is, not that much for a 5k. Truly, though, you all gave invaluable insight, and for that I’m most appreciative. Thanks!

One thing I do need to work on, however, is fluids.  Since moving from a dry, hot Southwestern state to a humid, hot Southeastern state, I have realized that I sweat much more than I ever have in my life. I used to think I was good at replenishing my fluids…but I may have thought wrong. After yesterday’s jog, I drank my usual water and felt pretty good.  However, I went an played 18 holes of golf with a friend, and by the end of it, I was dying. Bad me. I need to learn my lesson.

On Andrew’s advice, I checked out the Garmin Forerunner 305 for my heart rate monitor. I love it. However, I’m going to have to save for it as my paltry graduate assistant salary would take a major hit. The great part about being a full-timer with my Ph.D. is that I can make time to exercise…the bad part is that it’s self-inflicted poverty.

Thanks again for your comments everyone. Kepp them coming when it’s convenient for you…they really do help!