…and there you have, the facts of life. I’ve realized that there are going to be good days and bad days on this journey.  Today was a bit of both, but I will say that in terms of overall health, it as definitely good.

Today was not the most stellar of runs I’ve had thus far.  It seemed like I had been improving my pace to less than 15:00 a mile, but in all actuality, today ended up over 16:00. Yikes.  Would anyone think it a bad idea to repeat this week of the Couch-to-5k? This week is running intervals of 90 seconds and walking two minutes in between.  It seems as if I have enough energy and stamina to do maybe four intervals with 90 second runs, but by the end, I feel like the most I can do is 60.  Is this relatively normal — kind of a getting worse before I can get better thing?  Regardless, I’m not giving in…I’ll just have to spend an extra week giving it a try before moving on.

ON THE CONVERSE, I weighed in today and am happy to say that I am now legitimately below 360. Since starting the blog and training regimen, my weight actually went up almost to 370.  It was discouraging at first (ok, I wanted to punch a hole in the wall), but then I realized that that is how it’s happened almost every time I’ve started something like this.  I gain first, and then see some results. I feel like my primary goal is now officially under way as I weighed in at 359 – just about 110 more to go!

And just for fun, here’s the theme song that I took this post’s title from…one of my favorite shows growing up: