After yesterday’s run, I’ve decided that the shoes I’ve been training in are most likely not the best situation for someone who literally pounds the pavement when he pounds the pavement.

I have mostly used a pair of Saucony running shoes (Grid Formula 2) that I bought on sale from Eastbay a few years ago. I also often use my pair of Merrell Moab Ventilator Cross-trainors (pictured above).  I purchased them from REI when I lived in Arizona speciafically for the hiking my wife and I did. They’ve been great for that purpose, for general walking, biking, and I guess did okay when I used them in my previous races. They’re comfortable, wide, and have a great sole on them. However, I don’t think they were meant to be used as road running shoes, though my feet, ankles and shins don’t seem to pay as much of a price the following day as with the Sauconys.

So my question to you all is, what kind of shoe do I need to get?

I am probably okay with keeping the Merrells as training shoes for a while, but will eventually need to get a good running shoe that can support my frame. I have read that the Brooks Beast is usually a good shoe for a big guy like me, as well as a certain model of New Balance (maybe 992’s?) for bigger folks, but was also specifically recommended the NB MR1123.

One thing I know about my feet is that I do not overpronate…in fact, I don’t know that I pronate at all, because my foot tends to roll out, as opposed to in. I have also been counseled to go to an actual running store and get some measurements to find the best shoe…though I’m unsure if there happens to be one of these where I live.  There might be a New Balance Store near me, but if not, I suppose I could drive into Atlanta sometime and go to Phidippides (damn you, Jeff Galloway, you win again).

I’m aware that I’ll probably have to sink a pretty penny into the shoes, but if they keep me running and injury free, it will be worth it!