Well, I finally went to New Balance (which is more or less the only ‘running’ store within 25 miles of my house). I had the guys there look at my gait, and they told me I definitely supinate on one foot, and not as much on the other. They recommended the 768s. They’re nice, a little big in the toe box (in fact, I’m going to exchange the 4E’s I got for 2E’s…because blisters and me? Uh uh) and are very comfy. I hope they work out all right. I read a lot of reviews on them – some negative, but most were positive, especially from the big guys. Either way, I’ll be sure to give it my own, fair review.

I am off to Arizona and Nevada for ten days tomorrow to see family before my little boy arrives, and have set aside time for my runs and workouts. After the horrid humidity I ran in this morning…seriously, more like a swim…I am looking forward to some parched, dry heat (though it is getting close to monsoon season there).

I’ll be sure to keep you updated from the desert!