So, I did, in fact, wake up this morning and my back felt significantly better. There was still some pain, but I am doubting any trouble with the disc. Truth is, really, I don’t know.

I decided to go ahead and at least walk to get some exercise in. The new shoes felt great and so did my back, so I decided to run. Todays intervals required two repetitions of 90s run/90s walk/3 min. run/3 min. walk — and I DID IT! I actually managed to run for three minutes straight for both intervals.  I was floored.  Maybe it was the fact that most of my course was flat, or that it wasn’t as humid as normal (though we got a nice monsoon storm here in Arizona last night). Regardless, I did it, and I’m quite happy…not to mention I recorded my best pace so far at 14:28.

I cooled down a bit and sat and rested for a while in the living room. After about a half hour, I stood up.


My back hurt again. So, now I’m stymied at how I managed to run without pain.  Was it a good thing? Or should I wait until my back is indeed healed? Either way…I’m taking it slow over the weekend and am going to hopefully get some good pool time!