Friends…I think I may have injured myself again…

A few years ago, I was the unfortunate recipient of a herniated disc in my back.  It was horrible. I was trying yoga with my wife (and have never tried it since). I saw my regular doctor, plus a chiropractor for months to get it back in order. This, you can assume, is not pleasing to me.

What makes it more unnerving is the fact that I have no idea how I triggered it. My wife and I spent the night in a motel in Atlanta last night since we had a super early flight. I woke up this morning and I was in pain.

No golfing with my brother- and father-in-law, and perhaps no running. OK, crap, probably no running. My only saving grace is the fact that my dad has a pool, my mom has a pool, and my in-laws that I’m seeing for the next few days have pools.

I guess I’m in for a lot of water aerobics. 😦

I’m going to pray for a miracle that the pain is gone tomorrow. I’m a realist, I know it probably won’t happen, but I’m saying that prayer anyway!