Well, I did it, and I had a great time!  My wife and son came out to cheer me on and it was an overall great morning.  I finished in 45:29…definitely not my best, but considering the number of hills, I think it was really good for my progress. The standard 5k route I normally run has no hills really, and my best time on that route so far has been 44:33. In my own opinion, I think those hills could have slowed me down a lot more than that minute, but either way it was my first and I was in it to finish, not to win it. My real goal was to not finish last…and that, I can proudly report, did not happen.

We weren’t going to stick around for the awards initially, but it was a relatively small field and a friendly group of folks, so we decided to stay and cheer for those who won something. Surely, you would imagine there would be plenty of people in my age group, but it was relatively thin…so, I took 3rd in my age group! Crazy.  I definitely don’t expect that to happen from here on out.

Here I am with my handcrafted, butterfly award.  Pretty cool, eh? 😉

Next race is at the beginning of October…and I might add another at the end of October too.  We’ll see how crazy life is with school and our little guy at that point!

Must keep moving forward!