The month of August was eventful to say the least. My little boy arrived on the 7th and that has changed my life all for the better. In terms of personal goals, I ran my first 5k and had a great time. I also finally moved beyond my plateau weight, and am down to 346 lbs.  I still don’t really feel it or see it, but my wife say she does…so I’ll trust her on that one. I ran less and burned fewer calories in August than in July, yet I lost a little more weight. Guess I have no complaints there…6 pounds for the month is great to me.

So, for the month of August…

MILES RUN:                       24.6

TIME SPENT RUNNING:      6:05:07

DAYS I RAN:                      9 (what?!)

SHORTEST DIST.:              2.0mi (3.2k)

LONGEST DIST.:                3.11mi (5.0k)

CALORIES BURNED*:         15,244

WEIGHT LOST:                   6.1lbs.

See you in September!

*=includes cross training workouts