The title of this post makes me laugh a bit. First, because the questions sounds like I’m about to start selling shares of my (non-existent) company on the stock market, and secondly, because it’s the exact opposite of the question many of my “family blogger” friends ask in relation to the privacy of their blogs (Should I go private?).

Anyone who knows me knows I’m overwieght…er…obese (man, I hate that word). But, for the most part, most people I know are unaware of this blog. Those of you who’ve stayed with me over the past several months know that this isn’t the first time I’ve posed this question. I’ve asked myself the very same question after almost every post I write.

Then why don’t I do it already?

The biggest benefit I see to letting people know about the blog is accountability. Not in the sense that my professors are going to start asking me about how my weight loss is going, mind you, but in the sense that I would have then revealed the journey that I’m on. However, it’s a journey that’s mine and mine only…so the biggest measure of accountability I have is to myself.

Frankly, I have no idea who could end up reading what I have here. I only found out recently that a former crush of mine was following me on another blog for the past couple of years. Awkward…yet somewhat gratifying. Ha.

Arguments, people. That’s what I need. Tell me (if you so desire) why you think it might be beneficial to open up to others about my blog. If I’m so compelled…it might just happen.