Q: Are you really fat?

A: Yes. I’m really fat.

Q: Why are you blogging about it?

A: Well, as it happens, I’m tired of being fat. This isn’t to blog about the wonders of my fatness, but rather, it is about my journey to shed some pounds through exercise, eating right, finding motivation and support and all that other stuff.

Q: Are you a health professional?

A: NO. Not at all. This blog is, in no way, intended to substitute for medical advice. If you have a serious problem, please consult your doctor. Besides, I don’t know how much medical crap I plan on injecting in this blog anyway…

Q: Is this some sort of gimmick you’re trying to make money from?

A: NO. I have no intentions of trying to make money with this right now…or probably ever. This isn’t a business plan, it’s a health plan. My health is the #1 priority with this blog. Period.

Q: Why are you so concerned about losing weight?

A: Well, let me direct you to the first question, initially. Furthermore, I have realized that I am too young to be in this state. I have a wife and son that need me around for a long time. Gone are my days of sitting on the couch watching TV. Here and now are the days of my productivity and a renewed sense of vitality.

Q: I’m sensing a bit of sarcasm in your tone. Are you serious about this or what?

A: I’m dead serious. And if I’m not serious about it, then I’ll just be dead. I find that humor helps me not only embrace who I am, but realize that I’m trying to make a difference in my health. Trust me, this blog will definitely have sarcasm and humor, but I will also do my best to inject critical health issues as well. If it’s not fun to read, why the heck do it?

Q: Do you feel qualified to write on such a topic?

A: Frankly, I don’t care too much about qualifications. I have seen dietitians, doctors, nutritionists and counselors…many people with various “qualifications” and what did it do? Not much. I don’t want to sound like an ingrate, because in various ways, they did help me, but this blog is mostly my personal journey. I welcome the opinions of experts with open arms…but they only provide the equation for health, I provide the solution, because it is up to me to change. I’m not trying to sell an exercise program or a fad diet. I am exposing my fatal flaw to family, friends, strangers…the world…in order to hold myself more accountable and keep setting goals for better health. I believe the answer is simple: eat better, exercise more. If I can manage to help even one person along the way, then that’s fantastic. But to answer your question…regardless of whether or not I feel like I’m qualified, I’m going to write something anyway!


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    Oct 01, 2008 @ 15:02:15

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  2. totaltransformation
    Jan 09, 2009 @ 14:52:17

    Best of luck achieving your goals in the new year.


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